Life Lesson: Simplicity

“While some very intelligent and insightful people might believe our more complex time demands ever more complex solutions, I am far from convinced they are right. Rather, I am of the frame of mind that today‚Äôs complexity demands greater simplicity…”

Elder L. Tom Perry (April 2014)

This post will be part of an ongoing examination of the quality or condition of simplicity. I am convinced that some of our biggest challenges in this modern era are immorality and life dilution. Regarding the latter, we chase after the wrong things, we over-complicate, and we get distracted. Life is far more simple than we are led to believe. The adversary wants us to be confused, muddled, overwhelmed, and fearful, but gospel light is pure, clean, and bright. It doesn’t resolve itself in complex, convoluted frequencies, but is calm and serene. It is simple.

I hope to continue to pare down our family’s distractions to focus on the very best and most important. I don’t want our children to think that life is a chaotic mess with thousands of concerns and matters to be addressed. A tight, simple focus on obedience and righteousness in clean, simple surroundings is a formula for peace. I believe this philosophy will simplify the challenges our kids will face and will be a reassuring force in their lives. The simpler our instruction and resolution, the clearer their choices will be. The more we panic, program, and “policize” (to coin a word), the more we inadvertently clutter their sphere of agency.

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