To mothers

“MANY can speak well, but few can do well. We are better scholars in the Theory then the practique part, but he is a true Christian that is a proficient in both.”

Anne Bradstreet

I am grateful to say that my wife (and Jane and Abby’s mother) is a true Christian, “proficient in both.” Her words are strong and sensitive. Her attention is fixed on others. She is a lady in manner and virtue; both a thinker of lofty thoughts and doer of heavenly deeds. Again, I am grateful for her.

I also give thanks to the woman who raised a woman like this, who taught and served as an example to this wife I adore. And I am no less grateful for the woman, my own mother, who raised me to seek earnestly such qualities in a wife. To all mothers and goodly women with the glow of motherhood, thank you for your influence. The world is beautiful for it.

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