On good fathers

“As I drove up here today I thought, you youngsters: [Your father] didn’t care a bit whether you had any of his money to quarrel about or not; he didn’t care if you didn’t have a cent. He didn’t care whether his name was blazoned in blazing lights somewhere or headlined in the newspapers. He didn’t want any badges or medals or certificates of these earthly things. He didn’t place any great store on Ph.D.’s and universities. There was one thing he was concerned about, ‘to raise six youngsters who were decent through and through,’ and he knew if he could raise you right and you would raise your children right and they would raise their children right, in that eternal realm to which he has gone, when you all come to him one by one, he would have a great start in the kingdom the Lord is going to give him. Now, that is the prospect that he holds out for you.”

– Harold B. Lee (January, 1961)

I give thanks to a loving Heavenly Father, our greatest exemplar of Fatherhood, for placing righteous fathers among my closest connections with men. To my father: you are leaving a lasting legacy of love and truth, more important than any kind of worldly wealth. To my father-in-law: thank you for raising a righteous family. And to the father of my children: I can’t even articulate my love for you and my gratitude for your mindfulness and efforts to be honest, virtuous, and focused on the Savior as we work together to raise our daughters.

How blessed I am, to live among men who are decent, through and through.

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