Frontrunner date

Lily and I took the UTA Frontrunner train up to Salt Lake on a date last night. And by the time we got up there, and took TRAX to Temple Square and City Creek, we had about 15 minutes to walk around and look at the lights. And Godiva was out of hot water for cocoa. And we had to get back or we’d miss our ride home.

So we climbed back onto TRAX and boarded the Frontrunner back to Provo. Still, we were able to sit and talk on the train, play a little Outburst, and walk hand-in-hand along the city sidewalks for a few minutes. Considering how infrequently a couple with young children gets to do such a thing, it was a wonderful evening. Now that we are a little more familiar with the system, I think Lily’s got big plans for our next trip.

2 thoughts on “Frontrunner date

  1. You should check with me next time you take a train ride; I know the system inside and out! I can make sure you have more time to play and less time sitting in a train. 🙂

    • I hear you are quite the expert, Edward! Unfortunately, even expertise would not have helped us in this situation. The next Frontrunner train home wasn’t until 11:50pm, so our window was mandated by UTA. Next time, we’ll take a DeLorean DMC-12 to Salt Lake. I hear you never run out of time with those things…

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