I recently read an article in the Deseret News about cytomegalovirus that reminded me how blessed we are.

Brain damage, deafness and other birth defects are among potential problems… Studies suggest early treatment with anti-viral medicine may limit hearing loss and may benefit the child’s development, too.

Abby participated in those very early experimental studies, and has provided data to be able to support the use of early anti-viral treatment for other children. Utah just so happens to be the only state that requires screening for CMV following a failed hearing test, and there were knowledgeable people residing in Utah at the time of Abby’s birth who had studied cases all over the world and were considered leading experts. It’s truly a miracle that all of this was available to us right when we needed it.

Abby’s hearing in her opposite ear and her eyesight all check out just fine. I know that not everyone has been so fortunate, and my heart goes out to those families whose life trials have included extreme complications with a variety of diseases and ailments. There will come a day when all such burdens are taken away and all bodies are refreshed and restored. Our family has been overwhelmingly blessed through these mortal years, but we are most grateful for the eternal promises that are offered to every family that follows the Savior. Through thick and thin, we will always try to side with Him.

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