Back in October, I was sitting in the room adjacent to the girls’ bedroom well after the girls had gone to bed. As I heard their door swing open, a sign that Jane was heading to the bathroom, I could hear the earnest whisper, “Goodnight, Jane!” The girls’ door was pulled closed, and then who should appear in my doorway, but Abigail Mott! I stared at her, flabbergasted by her bold and unprecedented escape from her crib, and immediately marched her back to bed.

A moment later, she was standing in my doorway again. She looked me straight in the eye, and said, “What’s Abby doing?! Sorry Dad!” Jane came out, perhaps just as amused as I was, and encouraged me to “tell Mommy what just happened.”

Since then, there have been many audacious breakouts we’ve had to put a stop to. I suppose the good news in all of this is that Abby can go and get her own clippers now…

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