So many friends

Jane and Abigail make friends with just about anyone. Even imaginary friends.

  • Feeties – My feet are often hugged and “tucked into bed.” They don’t say much, but they do occasionally reach over and tickle Jane and yell “Hurray!” at the dinner table when she finishes all of her food. Jane often talks gently to them, and they nod their toes in response. I don’t really remember how this all came to be, but Jane has been friends with Feeties since the beginning.
  • Snake – When Jane bonks her head or scrapes an elbow, she’ll often call for Snake. My arm, again without any words, will come and listen to explicit instructions about how to comfort Jane and where the problem area is. He’ll then immediately move to the opposite area and begin treating her. I have to explain again that it is her knee that got bumped, not her elbow. Snake will then proceed to caress her opposite knee. “No, Snake—I’m sorry Jane, I don’t understand what his problem is—Snake! Jane is hurt! It’s the other knee! …………not my knee, Snake.” Jane is often laughing within a minute.
  • Joey & Charlie – If it’s a cut or sore throat (or something else that will take a while to resolve), we call for Joey & Charlie. Joey & Charlie are cells in Jane’s body that speak in a Brooklyn accent. They consult with Jane to determine where the problems are, and then Joey will ask Charlie to grab his tool bag, tell Jane they’re on their way, and encourage her to get lots of rest so it’s not too bumpy while they’re working on fixing her up. Jane feels a lot better when Joey & Charlie are on the job.
  • Lighter – When Lily has to run into a store, and the kids and I are waiting outside, we usually receive a visit from Lighter, the friendly face in our car. He often sings “Popcorn Popping” with the girls, and will even wink a light from time to time. Lighter likes nothing more than a delicious snack of girls’ sunglasses!
  • Pretend Cousin Dragon – Though not her only “pretend cousin,” Pretend Cousin Dragon is probably the most amazing of the lot. Judging by Jane’s descriptions, Pretend Cousin Dragon knows just about everything. She can fly, many of the things that bother Jane don’t bother her, she knows how to do many of the things that we don’t, and she has a car with a rocking chair and an oven built in. And she’s pink. We haven’t heard from Pretend Cousin Dragon in quite some time. I’ll have to ask Abby if she’s seen her.
  • Giraffe, Hippo, Dr. Nevets, Mookie, Witch, etc. – We have a slight puppet infestation in our home. And all have distinct voices and personalities, much to the delight of our whole family. If you get a chance to hear it, Lily’s witch cackle is not to be missed.

I look forward to meeting some of the friends Abigail will likely introduce us to, as well as enjoying the company of some of these old-time pals for years to come.


I love these two girls, individually and as a pair. They have a natural affection for each other that just makes my heart swell! I can remember some feelings of trepidation when I was pregnant with Abby, worried about how she and Jane would get along. Thank you, girls, for each putting my mind thoroughly at ease on the matter. You are both a delight to watch together!

BYU Planetarium

On Friday, November 16, Jane and I went to the Eyring Science Center’s planetarium on BYU campus. It is always fun to spend time with my daughters, so we had a wonderful evening together, but I admittedly lament the demise of the traditional planetarium show. When I was young, the rare planetarium visit was a treat. The guide showed us various constellations and pointed out stars and other celestial bodies we could go out and see for ourselves following the show. We learned how to remember where certain things were and all kinds of neat stuff. BYU’s presentation was…a 1980’s Tron-style 3D graphics show featuring music from The Pixies? Really? Sorry, Jane! I think we’ll do our own observations outside from now on.


Art is a daily occurrence at our home, and we sure like it that way. Jane is involved with a (wonderful! free!) monthly art program at BYU’s Museum of Art, and she and Abby are constantly pulling out different media. It is so good for all of us!

A butterfly birthday bash

Jane requested a butterfly birthday party this year, and we were happy to oblige. Daddy took her for an outing to the pet store and toy store while Abby and I made preparations. We celebrated at Timp Kiwanis Bounous Park with some family and a pink strawberry cake. Can you believe Jane is 5? And a sweet 5-year-old at that…love you, Jane!