On the lam

Since Abby started walking, really, there has be no stopping her. Our photo quality of her is about to decrease tenfold. Most pictures we manage to capture of her look like these:

We’ll take what we can get!

There’s just something about Abby…

It’s fun to write about some of the mischief. But in the end, Abigail is one of my very favorite people in the whole world. There’s just something wonderful about her. One of my very favorite things in this life is coming into a room where Abby’s playing and having her turn to look up at me, and then, with this bright, exaggerated, beaming smile, she exclaims, “Hi, dada!” Sometimes it’s even accompanied by a quick shuffle over to my leg, pulling herself up to her feet, and then a squeeze as she repeats, “Hug” over and over. Abby is a very loving person. She is unconcerned with the evil of the world. In fact, even when we’re trying to teach her not to do something or when we’re trying to reinforce a principle and our tone is stronger, she stares peacefully right into our eyes as we speak. Abby is hilarious. She is kind and will often gently pet Jane’s hair. She is thoughtful and meditative at times, sitting quietly while examining something or gazing outside at the trees. She enjoys just about everything, but especially running “fast” with her dad up and down the hall (arm flailing back and forth like a sprinter), and “side” (outside) with the wind blowing in her hair. I love Abigail so much and am so glad she is my daughter.

Abby’s favorite game

Look closely at this photo and see if you can guess Abby’s absolute favorite game. If you guessed “Crawl Into the Room and Pull Everything Off the Shelf, Open Each Box, and Dump Out All the Contents With Little Regard for What’s Inside, Perhaps Not Even Recognizing That the Toy/Game Part is What You Just Dumped and Tossed to the Side”, well, you’d be right! Abby has reached her Age of Exploration where every door, cabinet, drawer, and container holds hidden gems that she can scatter and disregard.

Still, we prefer her indifference to a disturbing recent trend where she finds something of interest and walks it over to our kitchen garbage can for disposal. We have to conduct spot checks to ensure some of the less-easily replaceable items don’t go out with the trash. Abby’s teaching us that possessions really don’t matter all that much. Well played, Abby. Well played.