Back in October, I was sitting in the room adjacent to the girls’ bedroom well after the girls had gone to bed. As I heard their door swing open, a sign that Jane was heading to the bathroom, I could hear the earnest whisper, “Goodnight, Jane!” The girls’ door was pulled closed, and then who should appear in my doorway, but Abigail Mott! I stared at her, flabbergasted by her bold and unprecedented escape from her crib, and immediately marched her back to bed.

A moment later, she was standing in my doorway again. She looked me straight in the eye, and said, “What’s Abby doing?! Sorry Dad!” Jane came out, perhaps just as amused as I was, and encouraged me to “tell Mommy what just happened.”

Since then, there have been many audacious breakouts we’ve had to put a stop to. I suppose the good news in all of this is that Abby can go and get her own clippers now…

Abigail’s nails

“Can help you!¬†Caaan helpyoo!”

It’s just another night at the Mott home these days. The kids are in bed, but they’re certainly not sleeping. Jane is skimming through a large stack of picture books, and Abby is calling for her parents. She doesn’t want water. She doesn’t need a nightlight. She found a rough patch along the edge of her fingernails and she wants us to bring the nail clippers and take care of things as soon as possible. So she calls for help. I slip the flashlight between my teeth and grab the clippers. As I peer into the crib, Abby holds up the offending hand and I quickly assess each nail with my fingers. Ahh, got it. <clip>

“Goodnight, Abby.”

“Nite nite, dada.”

“Mmmm-mwuah! Love you!”

“Mwuah! Luvyoooo.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” But chances are, I’ll probably see her again tonight.


I love these two girls, individually and as a pair. They have a natural affection for each other that just makes my heart swell! I can remember some feelings of trepidation when I was pregnant with Abby, worried about how she and Jane would get along. Thank you, girls, for each putting my mind thoroughly at ease on the matter. You are both a delight to watch together!

Abby turns 2: Party…”A”

Abby loves music, and music videos. Among her favorites is (brace yourselves) Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” (or as Abby says, “party…A”) so for her second birthday, we chose to throw her just that: a party in the USA. We had a brunch with family, and there was music. Lots and lots of music (with some “Just Dance” dancing thrown in there too). Abby is a bright, shining light in our lives and we are beyond thrilled that she is in our family. She is sweet, strong, and a joy to be with. Happy, happy birthday to our Abby dear!


Art is a daily occurrence at our home, and we sure like it that way. Jane is involved with a (wonderful! free!) monthly art program at BYU’s Museum of Art, and she and Abby are constantly pulling out different media. It is so good for all of us!