Summer Digest 2012

Well, thanks to the beauty of modern technology no one would ever know that I am totally backlogged with blogging and am catching up on Summer 2012 in the middle of Summer 2013. Except for the fact that I just told you. So now you do know. Didn’t see that one coming, did you, modern technology! A brief overview of some happenings that I want to remember:

Some of Abby’s goofy faces while eating dinner en plein air.

This Utah Lake festival/carnival/palooza was a bit of a bust, but look at us with our sweaty smiles!

Some wiffleball with the Becks and Jenny, along with some tree climbing (and an ever-wandering Abby).

Steve heading out to one of his (many!) interviews that ultimately lead to his being hired at BYU as an instructional designer for their Independent Study department…seriously, after about 2 months of interviewing and waiting. But go, Daddy! Hooray!

A little fire and being outdoors…Summer is grand.

A visit to the Springville Museum of Art. There was a quilt exhibit when we went, and Jane picked out her favorite: a sweet “paper doll” quilt. I love when we catch their quilt shows.

Jane and I had a few opportunities to walk home from our church building right next to the MTC (Missionary Training Center). Sometimes it was sweltering, but Jane cheerfully made it every time! We liked to stop and visit the cougar statue for a little break on our way.

Part of our July 24th Pioneer Day celebration involved sparklers. I love Abby’s look of awe in this photo! And thank you, Pinterest, for putting this mommy’s mind at ease with the plastic cup protection tip.

The duck pond south of BYU campus was recently-ish re-done. We had a great time watching and feeding the ducks and turtles.

The Becks invited us to tailgate with them for BYU’s football game at the end of August. There were a few drizzles, but we had fun…Steve got to go to the game, and we got to…um…wear our BYU attire.

Our ward had their annual end-of-Summer campout up Hobble Creek canyon. We didn’t stay the night, but enjoyed hanging out with our ward family.

It’s been great going through some of these pictures and the memories that accompany them. 2012, what a great Summer!

Ee yi ee yi oh

The girls and I took a trip to the Thanksgiving Point Farm Country.

We got to feed some goats…sometimes it really seems like “survival of the pushiest” in there.

We took a carriage ride around the grounds (and appreciated the shade!)

Just some good ol’fashioned incarceration.

Ah, yes…this is a picture of Jane telling me that Abby had just thrown her barrette into the bunny’s water. Good times.

Jane got to ride a pony! And I am trying not to feel guilty for how depressing that pony’s life is. But thank you, sweet pony! You totally made Jane’s day!


Art is a daily occurrence at our home, and we sure like it that way. Jane is involved with a (wonderful! free!) monthly art program at BYU’s Museum of Art, and she and Abby are constantly pulling out different media. It is so good for all of us!

Upper Falls

We are of the belief that a picnic dinner en plein air is one of the best ways to dine in the Summer. Especially when you travel minutes from your home to get to your location (Upper Falls, Provo River), happen upon a rope swing, and have a run-down ice cream truck playing eerily-off-tune music as it passes by (?).