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Here’s the very short-lived Mottfam Joke Game all in one place. The game ran February 2007 to March 2007.

Mottfam has a new weekly contest/game/fun thing. It’ll be based on the amusing party game “Why Did the Chicken…?” and will consist of coming up with your best punchline for a question derived from randomly-drawn nouns. I’m not sure how we’ll do the judging yet…maybe each week I’ll ask one participant to choose their favorite. Then another participant will judge the following week, and so on. Those of you who are already familiar with the actual party game will catch on immediately. If not, you’ll get it soon. Oh, and if the party game sounds interesting, you can check it out here.

Now on with the game!

#1 – “What do you get when you cross a light bulb with a crab?”

Mom Huntington: Gee I love this game! When you cross a light bulb with a crab you get a 100 watt crab, get it a 100 watt crab!!!!

Steve: [Cue score from The Little Mermaid]: “Under G.E. (under G.E.)…under G.E. (under G.E.)! Darling it’s whiter, down where it’s brighter, take it from me!”

Astrid: The first crab to graduate from Harvard! (Get it, a bright crab!)

Steve: A lamp that scuttles!

Andy: A light that won’t let you climb out of a pit!

Andy: Touch lamps that touch back!

Astrid: “Pinch on . . . Pinch off . . . Pinch on, pinch off . . . the crabber!”

I’ve decided that for the joke contest we’ll just play for fun. No official judging at the end. So don’t be afraid to submit your punchlines because in the end, you’ll only be judging yourselves…er…yeah.

#2 – “What did the gingerbread man say to the porcupine?”

Astrid: “Shoot your quils as fast as you can, you can’t shoot me . . . I’m the gingerbread man!”

Betsy: Can you come to my marshmallow shishkabob party on candy mountain!!!????

Steve: “Stick ‘em up!”

Mom Huntington: “Gee, your looking sharp today”

#3 – “What’s the difference between a voodoo doll and a used car salesman?”

Andy: You get bored poking the voodoo doll.

Steve: The doll won’t gouge you back.

Steve: Voodoo is only slightly evil.

Becky: The doll has a heart.

Steve: Sticking pins in a used car salesman isn’t frowned upon in today’s society.

Andy: Comment on Becky’s post: “Sick!”

Edward: One is an instrument of torture used to sap the life out of helpless victims little by little until they surrender their will to the evil powers that drive them. The other is a doll.

David: The car salesman is a hard working gentleman that tries to provide for his family, while the doll takes goodness from the world. [Editor’s note: David was a used car salesman.]

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